Not Silent

It has been 70 years since Anne Frank’s death and today there has been a wonderful campaign to remember her. 

#NotSilent is a twist on the usual remembrance minute’s silence, where instead the minute is spent reading a passage of Anne Frank’s Diary. 

I chose a passage that particularly strikes me (and can only apologise for having read it from my phone- I can’t find my copy anywhere!)


Poem: How to be a (fan) Girl

How to be a (fan) Girl
(don’t read the brackets)

I saw Caitlin Moran last night
(At an author event)
She told me, right,
(And a room full of other people)
About her new book, and it looks pretty great.
Yeah, we’re mates, I’d say we’re friends,
(About as close as opposed book ends)
She signed me a dedicated copy.
(After queuing for an hour in the lobby).
Have I read it? Sure, a flick and a dabble.
(It is my Bible.)

I’ve not mentioned her before, as we’re quite a new match,
But we share all the same views
(Except some extreme ones on Benedict Cumberbatch)
So we’re now really close
(But not in proximity)
Pictures together? Yeah, just the one
(And to get that I had to run after her)
Flustered? Nah we’re both just a bit pissed, from drinking and that… together.
(Except it happened… Never).

By me.

I may record myself reading this at some point- so you can get the full effect! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


Looking forward: March

Hello lovelies,

Sorry for my silence! It’s been a busy start to the working year but look- we’re already in February… And I’m already looking forward to March. Time flies. Soon it’ll be spring and we’ll stop having to take off our 5 extra layers when we get on the tube… I dream of those days.

Next month there are some really exciting new books being published, here’s a little look at a few of them:

9780141350882 Half Wild – Sally Green
Published by Penguin, 26th March 2015

The second book in the Half Bad trilogy sees the half black, half white witch Nathan deal with many conflicts including the death of his best friend, the attempted rescue of the love of his life and coming to terms with the dark power of his Gift.

Compared to Harry Potter and Twilight, while simultaneously like nothing I’ve read before – Half Wild will keep you on the edge of your seat. Half Bad set the scene for this spectacular sequel.

9780593072875The Shut Eye – Belinda Bauer
Published by Bantam Press, 12th March 2015

I’ve yet to read this, but am a HUGE fan of Belinda Bauer’s work. I can highly recommend the thrilling and complex Rubbernecker and The Facts of Life and Death.

The Shut Eye is about a mourning mother who seizes help from a psychic who may be able to tell her what happened to her son… But is the psychic what he claims to be?

9781847922526Birth of a Theorem – Cedric Villani
Published by Bodley Head, 5th March 2015

I was lucky enough to attend a lecture at work led by the astounding Cedric Villani and can safely say I’ve never heard someone speak to passionately and with such ease about mathematics.

He has been awarded the equivalent of a Nobel Prize for mathematicians and The Birth of a Theorem takes us on the journey that got him there. Through imagination, beauty and obsession, Villani brings accessibility and excitement to mathematics- no mean feat.

Good and bad news…

Let’s start with the bad first, shall we? As is probably fairly evident by now, the whole writing every day thing isn’t going so well- it’s been a very busy start to the year! But I do apologise.

The good news is that I still plan to post a lot more creative writing kinda posts this year, so I hope you enjoy them.

Speak soon.



January 5th

Call Me Ishmael

Take the first sentence from your favourite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

My favourite book is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Here goes…

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley
Again. The drive unwound before my eyes.
Above, branches embraced so tenderly,
Naked limbs of trees unrecognised.
The drive had thinned, no more than but a thread,
Choked by moss, while grass trailed up my boots.
It lost itself beneath a tree felled dead,
Began again beyond skeletal roots.
At last I came upon it in the moonlight;
The house, alive but ever stranger.
Supressed by what once had been its delight,
The lady of the estate now, is Nature.
It’s a dream, I know, I’ve seen it burn;
To Manderley, we will never return.